The main aim of rigid double-blind international peer review process is to maintain quality of the article published under The SIJ. We aim to send review result to author within 5 days of submission.

  • Associate Editor (AE) can preliminarily review the manuscript and reject it without requesting for other reviews only if AE is confident that the manuscript is too weak to be accepted. In this scenario, AE itself will provide a short explanation of why the manuscript is not satisfactory for journal publication now and how it needs to be improved for consideration in the future.
  • The potentially suitable article will be selected by the AE and send to three expert peer reviewers (One Indian Reviewer, one Foreign Reviewer and one Guest Reviewer). AE will send the invitation to the reviewer to review the manuscript.
  • AE will select the reviewers based on the reviewer’s area of interest. Guest reviewers will be selected based on the relevance of manuscript’s application.
  • Reviewer should confirm his availability or agreement to AE for reviewing the manuscript within 2 days.
  • AE will send the full manuscript (without author names) & review form to the reviewer. If the submission is an extended version of a previously published conference paper or journal, the reviewer should also receive a copy or accessible link to the conference paper or journals.
  • The review process is double-blinded; that is, the reviewer does not know who the manuscript author(s) is and the author(s) does not know who has reviewed the manuscript.
  • Reviewers will give their opinion regarding the article’s quality, statistical aspects, relevance and presentation using the review form to the AE. This review should ideally be completed within 2 days of receiving the manuscript.
  • After the review process is completed, based on the reviewers suggestion, AE either rejects the manuscript or makes a recommendation for acceptance to the Editor-in-Chief, who makes the final decision on acceptance.
  • The standard decisions are: accept with no revision, accept with minor revision, accept with major revision, reject but encourage revision and invite resubmission, reject.
  • Revised manuscripts are generally rechecked by AE. In some cases (like major revision and resubmission), it might be reviewed by the same reviewers.
  • Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will undergo language editing, type-setting, reference checking and citation validation in order to maintain the publication quality as high as possible.

All manuscripts are subject to critical, anonymous peer review. It is to be understood that the final decision regarding manuscript publication rests solely with the Editor-in-Chief. We aim to reach a final decision on all manuscripts within 5 days of submission.