The Standard International Journals
(The SIJ)

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Manuscript Structure:

The structure of your manuscript is expected to follow in this manner.

> Manuscript Title (Title should briefly describe the content included in the manuscript)

> Author Names (without titles or degrees except Dr.)

> Author Details (Designation, Department, College / Organization / University, City, State & Country, and E-Mail id)

> Abstract (100 to 200 words. Should be informative and completely self-explanatory, briefly present the topic, state the objectives & scope of the work, point out major findings, summarize the results and give the principal conclusion. Citations are not allowed. Try to avoid starting with the words "This paper ...")

> Keywords (5-8 keywords in alphabetic order. These keywords will be used as a search term in the online version of the article)

> Abbreviations (Include only important abbreviations)

> Introduction

> Related Works / Literature Survey

> Methods / Discussion

> Results / Problems and Solutions

> Conclusion and Future Work

> Appendices (if applicable / any)

> Acknowledgements (if applicable / any)

> References (Recent 15 to 20 references are expected)

> Author Biography (Recent formal photographs of each author with biographical details between 100-200 words including their educational qualification, experience, organization, area of interest, number of papers published, number of conferences/seminars attended).

Avoid special symbols and formulas in title and abstract.

Make sure that the manuscript is plagiarism free and provided proper citation wherever others concept / figure / table / chart is used. As per journal standards, plagiarism level should not exceed the limit of 30%.

Manuscript Layout:

Select, Page Layout >> Margins >> Custom Margins.

Top Bottom Left Right
2.54 cm (1") 2.54 cm 2.54 cm 2.54 cm

Paper Size: Letter

Column: Single-Column

Font Style: Times New Roman

Line Spacing: 1.15

Normal Text Font Size & Alignment: 10 (Justify)

Section & its Font Details:

Section Font Size Bold/Italics/Alignment
Manuscript Title
Bold & Center
Author(s) Names
Bold & Center
Author Details
Normal & Center
Heading 1
   I.     Section 1
   II.    Section 2, ...
Bold & Center
Heading 2
   1.1.    Sub-section 1
   1.2.    Sub-section 2, ...
Bold, Italics & Justify
Heading 3
   1.1.1.    Sub-subsection 1
   1.1.2.    Sub-subsection 2, ...
Italics & Justify
Heading 4
   A.    Sub-heading 1
   B.    Sub-heading 2, ...
Italics & Justify
All Text
Normal & Justify (Indentation: First line=0.25")
Figure Caption (Below the Figure) & Table Title (Above the table)
Normal & Center
Center (Equation Editor)
Normal & Justify
Author Biography
Normal & Justify

Individually number figures, tables and equations continuously.

Figures and Tables:

> Table title should be placed above the table and figure caption should be placed below the respective figure. Figure caption and table title should be provided for each figure and table respectively.

> Figures and tables should appear soon after the citation in the text. When referring to a figure in the body of the text, "Figure 1" should be used and for table, "Table 1" can be used.

> Both figures and tables should be in editable format. Screenshots are not allowed.

> If the figure or table is too large can place at the end of the manuscript.

Symbols and Equations:

Special care should be taken if the manuscript includes symbols and equations. Mathematical symbols and equations should be produced using the Equation Editor. Provide superscripts and subscripts at necessary places. For Microsoft word 2007, Insert >> Equation and for Microsoft word 2003, Insert >> Object >> Microsoft Equation 3.0.

Citation Format:

Citations should be done using square brackets as like [1], [3, 4].

Reference Format:

References should be arranged in ascending order based on the year of publication (not limited but expected from 1990 to present) and numbered continuously inside square braces [1]. All references should clearly include the author name with initials at the beginning, year of publication, manuscript title, journal / conference title, volume number, issue number and page numbers. Also, manuscript title, journal name, proceedings / conference title should be initial caps (capitalize the first letter of each word).

> For Journal Articles:

     o B.C. First Author, D.A. Second Author & B.S. Third Author (Year), "Manuscript Title", Journal Name, Publisher Name, Vol. 1, No. 1, Pp. 10-15.

> For Proceedings Paper:

     o B.C. First Author (Year), "Manuscript Title", Proceedings / Conference Name, Vol. 1, No. 1, Pp. 10-15.

> For Book:

     o D.A. First Author & B.S. Second Author (Year), "Book Title", Chapter No. (If any), Editors: First Editor Name & Second Editor Name, Publisher Name, Edition, Press, Place, Pp. 10-15.

> For Thesis / Dissertation:

     o B.C. First Author (Year), "Thesis / Dissertation Title", University Name, Place.

> For Internet Sources:

     o D.A. Author Name (Year), "Website / Web page / Article Title", URL: Copy and Paste the link.

> For Same Author and Year:

     o B.S. First Author (Year A), "Manuscript Title", Proceedings / Conference Name, Vol. 1, No. 1, Pp. 10-15.

After review process, the corresponding author has to submit the revised manuscript within 7 days together with the Scanned copy of Copyright Form and payment proof to If the revised manuscript, copyright form and payment proof are not received within 4 days, it will be considered withdrawn.

Before publication, a sample final copy will be sent to corresponding author's e-mail for conformation. If there is any correction in alignment or spelling mistake, the author has to reply within 4 days (There is no possibility to change anything in title, methodology or results after double-blind peer-review process). If there is no reply from the author, then it is confirmed that the sample copy is final.

The SIJ is an open access on-line peer reviewed international. Authors of accepted articles are required to pay a fair publication charge for processing their mentioned in manuscript publication charge.


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