The Standard International Journals
(The SIJ)

Editor's Guide

• Editor will allocate the manuscript to an Associate Editor (AE) who in turn allocates the manuscript to reviewers. Upon agreement/availability of a minimum of 3 reviewers, the AE will produce the list to the Editor who will confirm the decision. Once the Editor confirmed his decision, AE will mail the manuscript and review form to the reviewers.

• Editor should make sure that the manuscript is reviewed by one Indian reviewer, one Foreign reviewer and one Guest Reviewer.

• Editor must aspire to achieve a positive suggestion before recommending a manuscript for acceptance. Manuscripts should have strong positive reviews in order to be accepted and in case of less-favourable reviews, it must be dealt with a reconsideration and resubmission process, or through additional reviews.

• Manuscripts lacking positive reviews will not be requested for resubmission.

• Editor can demand for the scientific opinion of reviewers who are well-versed in the area of research and development covered by the manuscript. Also from the guest reviewers, editor can demand for the comments regarding the applicability, presentation, etc.

• Before sending reviews to the authors, AEs must make sure that the reviews are suitably anonymous.

• The reviewers can act only as an advisory, and the final decision regarding a manuscript is the responsibility of the Editor.


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