The Standard International Journals
(The SIJ)

Author's Guide

Authors are requested to submit only manuscripts that have been carefully analyzed, organized, proofread and spell checked. Before submission please make sure that your manuscript is prepared using the manuscript preparation template (single-column). This will ensure fast processing and rapid publication.

The SIJ invites contribution in the following categories:

> Research article

> Survey/Review article (Complete review on a specific topic)

> Tutorial paper (Emphasize the basic concepts of either popular and widely applied or new and promising technology. Normally, tutorial paper assumes its audience is inexpert)

> Extended version of conference or journal paper


> Prior Publication Policy - The manuscript should contain unique and innovative material that has not been previously published in a journal, nor is currently under review by another conference or journal. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in our journals, it must not be published in any periodical(s) elsewhere without the permission of the editorial board.

> Plagiarism - Plagiarism is the copying of others concept, text, data and other creative work (e.g. figures, tables and charts) and presenting it as original research without proper citation. Before submitting your manuscript, please make sure that the manuscript is plagiarism free.

> Manuscript Length - Papers must be written in English, not exceeding 15 pages (single-column), including text, figures and references. (Typically, readers are comfortable with manuscripts of length less than 10 pages).

> Extended version of conference or journal paper - If the manuscript is an extended version of a conference or journal paper, footer needs to be added to the manuscript with the conference title or journal paper link. Manuscript should contain at least 30% new material, and the manuscript should clearly cite the prior publication and state what is new in the extended version. It is permitted to include only enough material from the published paper to set the context.

> During indexing process the authors' names as given in the final manuscript will be considered.

> Suggest Reviewers (Optional) - Author(s) have the option to suggest reviewers. Please read the conflict of interest guidelines in selecting reviewers; they are based on the National Science Foundation guidelines.

> Download the manuscript preparation template. (Papers need to be submitted in Single-Column MS Word format with file extension .doc or .docx).

> After review process, the corresponding author has to submit the revised manuscript within 4 days together with the Scanned copy of Copyright Form and payment proof to If the revised manuscript, copyright form and payment proof are not received within 4 days, it will be considered withdrawn.

> Before publication, a sample final copy will be sent to corresponding author's email for confirmation. If there is any correction in alignment or spelling mistake, the author has to reply within 4 days (There is no possibility to change anything in title, methodology or results after double-blind peer-review process). If there is no reply from the author, then it is confirmed that the sample copy is final.


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