The Standard International Journals
(The SIJ)

The SIJ Transactions on Advances in Space Research & Earth Exploration (ASREE)

Print ISSN: 2347-6818 | Online ISSN: 2347-6087

     The SIJ accepts only high quality research manuscripts and review articles. We also accept tutorial paper and extended version of manuscripts previously published in conferences or journals.

     The SIJ is a panel of research persons, scientists and well experienced college professionals. Review process takes only 5 days because of strong peer review team across the world. Articles are reviewed by three members (One Indian Reviewer, one Foreign Reviewer and one Guest Reviewer).

     Space research is a major area where many things are left unknown and there is a huge demand in knowing the secrets in space & earth. In order to promote several researches to explore the secrets behind the space & earth, The SIJ has initiated one journal especially for space research & earth exploration. Space research is a scientific study carried out using scientific equipment in outer space. Space science and space exploration involve the study of outer space itself, which is only part of the broader domain of space research. This journal is committed to publish and disseminate the stupendous research in all areas of space research & earth.

     Scope of the journal includes, but are not limited to, the following: Solar-terrestrial, space studies of the Earth's surface, the Earth-Moon system, astronomy, space weather & space environment, geodesy, planets & small bodies of the solar system, microgravity science, space life science, materials science, space physics & chemistry, space experimental & application related technology, and other areas related to space & earth research.